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Festivals & Events

Pattaya's Songkran Festival (18-19 Apr)

The traditional Thai New Year or Songkran day which is locally called Wan Lai, is annually celebrated on 18-19 April, though elsewhere in the country the festival falls on 13 April. The activities in the festival include throwing water at each other for enjoyment, beauty contests, colourful processions, folk plays, and paying respect to the seniors of the family by pouring water on their hands.

Pattaya Carnival

To promote tourism in the area, Pattaya Carnival is held annually around the end or the beginning of the year at Pattaya Pier, Bali Hai Cape. At the event, a spectacular float of flora, beauty pageant, cultural shows and music performances as well as various exciting water sports competitions take place. Fireworks are also displayed on the beach.

Pattaya International Music Festival (March)

Starting in 2002, Pattaya International Music Festival is held in March each year. On stages, enjoy several styles of music performed by both Thai and international artists. Usually, the event lasts from 18.00 to 24.00 hrs.

Pattaya Vegetarian Festival (14-23 Oct)

Every year Pattaya City celebrates the 11-day vegetarian season with enormous amounts of special vegetarian food which should be enough for about 5,500 participants and a grand procession carrying two statues of Chinese deities -- Kiew Uang Huk Jo and Kuanyin Bodhisattava. The procession will make its way around the city and end at Sawang Boribun Dhamma Sathan. All interested people are welcome (please dress in white).

For more details, contact TAT Pattaya office,

Tel. 0 3842 7667, 0 3842 8750.

*The event dates are tentative, please check before travelling.

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