With its unique and colourful combination of exquisite Thai puppetry and other forms of entertainment such as orchestral performances and classical dances, Aksra Theatre is another place to enjoy a rare elegant Thai traditional performance in Bangkok.

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Exhibiting breathtaking performances that maintain the authenticity of Thai arts for more than 70 years, and now it is proud to present Thailand’s exquisite masked dance drama to foreign visitors. English subtitles are available on screen above the stage and the explanatory notes of the movements and masks are displayed on film prior to the showtime.

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The Ultimate Muay Thai Experience "Living The Legend!". 

EST.1945 - The Oldest & Greatest Boxing Stadium in Thailand.

The Rajadamnern Co., Ltd. has since organised boxing matches at Rajadamnern boxing stadium, expanded its infra structure and gradually developed it so that it has now become one of the world-renowned boxing stadium and an institution of Muaythai in Thailand.

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Located next to the National Museum near Sanam Luang Ground, the theatre is under the administration of the Fine Arts Department with a main objective to stage performances of khon, a Thai mask dance drama and other forms of Thai theatrical art such as lakhon, another type of Thai classical dance drama.

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Performing on an enormous stage with advanced special effects and over 150 performers with 500 costumes, Siam Niramit’s world-class cultural performance—A Journey to the Enchanted Kingdom of Thailand—is absolutely a must-see in Bangkok. This stimulating Thai arts & cultural heritage is now listed in the Guinness World Records.

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To make traditional Thai style dinner more memorable, many restaurants in Bangkok not only provide their guests with the subtle blend of unique tastes and fine artistic skills of Thai food, but they also feature authentic Thai dances with classical music. The unique, classic and delicate movements of performers dressed exquisitely in traditionally embroidered costumes have been created and well developed to entertain the spectators since ancient times. Add a comment

Thailand Cultural Center is a fully integrated venue for social education and cultural activities in Bangkok, therefore, it is an ideal place to view all forms of cultural performances, both national and international. Symphony orchestra concerts are also held here regularly.

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