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Muaythai Rajadamnern

Thai name มวยไทย ราชดำเนิน

The Ultimate Muay Thai Experience "Living The Legend!".

EST.1945 - The Oldest & Greatest Boxing Stadium in Thailand.

The Rajadamnern Co., Ltd. has since organised boxing matches at Rajadamnern boxing stadium, expanded its infra structure and gradually developed it so that it has now become one of the world-renowned boxing stadium and an institution of Muaythai in Thailand.

Rajadamnern Stadium operates 4 days a week on every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Door opens from 6.00PM onward. The seating is provided in 3 classes from Ring Side Class, 2nd Class and 3rd Class. Ring Side will bring you the extremely boxing experience while seating next to the boxing ring closely with the boxers fighting on stage. Surrounding with their supporters team at the corners. Right to access to Beverage Bar and exclusive photograph with the winner of the night! 2nd and 3rd Class are impressive! Among the local gamblers, you will maximize your watching experience with the lousy audiences. The seats are getting more excited with the locals betting the right fighter!

Bangkok tour program code S-35

Muaythai Rajadamnern (Ticket Only)

Cheapest Ticket!!!

Duration Fight Schedule Open Only : Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday.

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