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Silom / Surawong / Sathon

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From end to end, these three parallel streets boast many multi-storey buildings housing banks, finance firms, export-import houses, hotels, airlines offices, upmarket serviced apartments, restaurants, shopping arcades, department stores, and entertainment establishments making this area the busiest business centres in Bangkok. The area is busy not only in the daytime, but also in the evening, when people come out to eat, to meet business friends or to seek enjoyment. There is a small area in Silom which, for more than 30 years, has been very well known to foreign visitors for its bars and nightclubs. Known as Patpong, this famous place offers various kinds of entertainment—wine, beer, music, dancing, etc.


The area to the southeast of Rattanakosin Island and Chinatown which once was a residential area of expats and wealthy Thais, is now an important business zone lined with many international corporate offices, embassies and five-star hotels. The west end of Silom, Surawong and Sathon roads meet the Southern part of Charoen Krung Road and are connected to the bank of the Chao Phraya River. Several riverside hotels and shopping centres are situated along the river bank.

Easy access

BTS Skytrain : Silom Line

MRT Subway : Silom Station / Lumphini Station

River Piers : Wat Muang Khae, Oriental, Sathon (Taksin)

For taxi : ถนนสีลม ถนนสุรวงศ์ ถนนสาทร

Map : Silom - Surawong - Sathon - New Road

Interesting Places

Wat Yannawa

Wat Yannawa

A royal temple established in the Ayutthaya period (1350-1767), it was renovated in King Rama III’s reign (1824-1851) with the addition of a pagoda in the form of the Chinese junk of 200 years ago, which was built in memory of this type of sea-going vessel which had played an important role in Thailand’s foreign trade.

For taxi : วัดยานนาวา ถนนเจริญกรุง

Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park

The biggest public park in Bangkok offering activities such as aerobics and Tai Chi (a Chinese form of martial art).

For taxi : สวนลุมพินี

Wat Phrasrimaha Uma Dhevi (Wat Khaek)

Wat Phrasrimaha Uma Dhevi (Wat Khaek)

This Hindu temple built to be a shrine of Goddess Uma Dhevi features the ancient Indian art and architectural style.

For taxi : วัดแขก สีลม

The Rare Stone Museum

The Rare Stone Museum

Featuring a great collection of more than ten thousand rare stones, fossils, crystals, stalactites, etc. from Thailand and foreign countries. The museum is on Charoen Krung Rd. between Soi 26 and 28.

For taxi : พิพิธภัณฑ์หินแปลก

The Assumption Church

The Assumption Church

The church was built in 1822 by Reverend Pascal to honour the Virgin Mary. Later in 1919, it was renovated to accommodate the increasing number of Catholics. Construction materials such as marble and colour stained glass were imported from France and Italy. The church is regarded as the most beautiful Gothic church in Thailand.

For taxi : โบสถ์อัสสัมชัญ ถนนเจริญกรุง

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

The Oriental Hotel

Consecutively rated as one of the world’s best hotels, this 122-year old hotel is Thailand’s first large hotel, renowned for its attentive five-star service. The hotel building offers a very lavish decoration in the Neo-classic style

For taxi : โรงแรมโอเรียนเต็ล

Bangkokian Museum

Bangkokian Museum

Situated in Soi Charoen Krung 43, the museum reflects the lifestyles of middle-class Bangkokians during World War II.

For taxi : พิพิธภัณฑ์บางกอก

Bangkok General Post Office

General Post Office

The bulky structure once used as the British Embassy now serves as a post office.

For taxi : ไปรษณีย์กลาง

Kukrit’s Home

The 5-unit antique Thai style house of M.R. Kukrit Pramoj (1911-1995), the late Prime Minister is now a heritage museum containing a collection of fine artefacts.

For taxi : บ้านคึกฤทธิ์ ซอยพระพินิจ ถนนสาทรใต้


Silom Road

Silom Road

Shops and stalls offering clothes, food, art works, CDs and souvenirs are along the way from the beginning of Silom down to where the road intersects with Charoen Krung Road. Silom shopping starts from 11.00 hrs till midnight.

For taxi : ถนนสีลม

Thaniya Plaza

Thaniya Plaza

Well known among Japanese and golfers as the building comprises shops selling both new and used golf clubs and golf accessories.

For taxi : ธนิยะพลาซ่า

Silom Complex

Silom Complex

This six-storey building consists of Central Department Store, clothing shops and restaurants.

For taxi : สีลมคอมเพล็กซ์

River City Shopping Complex

River City Shopping Complex

River City Complex is located near Royal Orchid Sheraton, off Charoen Krung and Si Phraya roads. It is well known for its high quality art and antique shops. Auction sales of antiques are held occasionally at its exhibition hall.

For taxi : ริเวอร์ซิตี้ ถนนเจริญกรุง 30

O.P. Place

O.P. Place

A shopping centre located in an ancient neoclassic style commercial building built in 1908 gives you a glimpse of Bangkok in the olden days. Quality silk, clothes, jewellery, antiques, leather products, carpets, paintings and a variety of handicrafts are available.

For taxi : โอพีเพลส ถนนเจริญกรุง 38


Restaurants are situated along the main roads and tucked away in the alleys. Many of them are pricey, but there are also the cheaper ones, which are popular among office workers.



Located between Silom Rd. and Surawong Rd., within walking distance of BTS Sala Daeng Station, is Bangkok’s flourishing night entertainment area catered to foreign tourists and expatriates. It is divided into 3 lanes called Patpong Soi 1, Soi 2, and Soi 3 (or best known as Silom Soi 4).

For taxi : พัฒน์พงษ์

Thaniya Road

Thaniya Road located adjacent to Silom Soi 4 has exclusive Japanese bars.

For taxi : ถนนธนิยะ

Nearby Areas

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