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Restaurants in Bangkok

Photos : www.thehenandtheegg.com, ruathongnoodle.com, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thai_cuisine

No matter where or when you are in Bangkok, you'll always find either restaurants or food stalls within walking distance. Like accommodation, you can find food in every price range in most districts. Types of eating places can be basically divided as follows:


As the most famous tourist and business centre, Bangkok is full of restaurants -- restaurants of every style of food: Thai, Chinese, Japanese, European, Indian, Arabian, etc. To give you an idea, you can find more restaurants in the following areas in Bangkok -- Yaowarat, Sukhumvit, Silom, Phloenchit, Ratchadamri, Lang Suan, and Pin Klao. Generally prices are reasonable.

Most middle and first- class hotels have at least one restaurant that offers Thai, Chinese and European menus.

Bangkok Sky Restaurant


001 baiyokeAt the Observation Deck on the 77th Floor, you can take pleasure in the scenery of Bangkok and vicinity, with the enjoyment of knowledge from the Historical Photography Exhibition of Rattanakosin Period, video of Thailand’s history, art and culture, and multimedia computer providing information of interesting tourist attractions. You can also have an up-close look at the beautiful scenery using telescope. With high magnification, it can capture splendid images from the impressive scenery. This place also provides retro spaces for photography and souvenir shop.

The newly renovated restaurant combines the style of popular street food from all over Bangkok into a high skyscraper, allowing you to enjoy photography with our international seafood buffet in Thai, Chinese, Japanese and European flavors, such as Thai Stir-Fried Noodles, Prawn in Creamy Spicy and Sour Soup, 20 kinds of noodles, Pork Steak, Sushi, Mango with Sticky Rice, and more than 30 menus to choose from, for a fully appetizing experience while enjoying views of all around Bangkok from the restaurant.  Read more

River Cruise Dining

01A number of private companies in Bangkok organize dinner cruises along the Chao Phraya River. Some offer international buffet dinner, while others serve a la carte menu. Read more



Shopping Plazas / Department Stores

A cheap and convenient place to eat is the food centre in any department stores and shopping plazas. There many standard Thai and Chinese dishes are offered at the average price of 50-100 baht per dish. You can also find leading franchise fast food shops in these shopping centres. The areas where many shopping plazas are located are Siam Square, Phloenchit, Silom and Sukhumvit.

Curry & Rice Shops / Noodle Shops

Curry & rice shops and noodle shops can be found in every district in Bangkok, especially in business areas. The food prices are quite cheap though only limited choices are offered.

Street Food

In Bangkok you can find sidewalk food stalls scattered around on the pavements and in the lanes. Although they are cheap places to eat, the hygienic conditions of some of them may not be up to international standards and thus may cause problems to your stomach.