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Ko Kret


Thai name เกาะเกร็ด

This islet, which is worth a one-day visit, is home of a Mon community that immigrated from their homeland in Burma more than 300 years ago. The islet is well known as a centre of earthenware production -- the Mons' inherited art, and a market of authentic Mon-style pottery. An exhibit of local pottery and a demonstration of its making can be seen at the Ceramics Centre.

Apart from earthenware, here is also a centre of Thai desserts, many of which are of traditional kinds and rare to find elsewhere.Another major attraction of Ko Kret is its ancient temples of the Ayutthaya period (1350 - 1767), e.g. Wat Paramaiyikawat, Wat Klang Kret and Wat Chimplee.

Duration of visit : Half day - Full day

Open : Daytime

Location : An islet in the middle of the Chao Phraya River a little way from Bangkok's northern edge.

Accessibility : 1) By boat: Take an express boat from Tha Chang Pier to Pak Kret pier at Sanam Nua Temple. Then take a ferry to Ko Kret. The whole trip takes about an hour. 2) By bus: Take a No. 33 bus at Sanam Luang to Pak Kret and take a boat to the islet.

For taxi :  ท่าน้ำปากเกร็ด

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