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Chiang Mai is a centre for treks into the mountainous northern areas which are home to hilltribes. The verdant hills and forests provide the natural setting for trekking by foot or on elephant back as well as for watching birds and wildlife. The most popular trails are in Doi Inthanon National Park where over 300 bird species and a wide variety of orchids and other flowers can be seen.

Many tour agents offer choices of hilltribe treks consisting of trekking on foot, on elephant back, mountain biking, bamboo rafting and kayaking. Some programmes include overnight stays at hilltribe villages.

See more information in Trekking in Chiang Mai & Northern Thailand section.

Elephant Riding

Apart from elephant shows, most elephant camps in Chiang Mai offer elephant-back rides around the camp and to the nearby forest. Contact your travel agent for more details about this activity.


With a lot of rivers and streams flowing throughout the province, Chiang Mai provides a good opportunity for rafting, both bamboo and rubber rafts. Some interesting routes include Mae Kok, Mae Chaem, and Mae Tuen rivers, all of which flowing through virgin forests and hilltribe settlements. Rafting trips are also organized by most tour agents.


For those who come and visit Chiang Mai, cruising along the Ping River by the scorpion-tail vessel is another interesting activity. The trip is guided by experts in Chiang Mai historical events who will take you to trace back to the remote antiquity of Chiang Mai.

During the cruise, the vessel passes through the Chiang Mai's biggest wholesale market before approaching the peaceful scenic beauty of Chiang Mai's outskirts. The boat stops at the important historical landmarks. First stop is at the Wat Gate area, Chiang Mai's oldest trading and commercial center.

Visit Wat Gate and its historical museum and see several old buildings on Charoenrat road.

Boat information: there are 3 different boat sizes for 15, 30 and 50 passengers. Life vests are provided.

Private tour is also available at anytime between 08.00-17.00 / Join tour (minimum 2 persons) at 09.00, 11.00, 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00 hrs.
Landing at: Sri Khong Port Tel: +66 (0) 5326 0299
Contact: Tel. +66 (0) 1960 9398, +66 (0) 1951 0791
Fax. +66 (0) 5324 5888

Bungee Jumping

Amid a naturally beautiful location in a mountainous area of Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, you can enjoy such extreme sport as bungee jumping. The bungee jump here is operated by the owner who has been involved in bungee since its earliest days as a commercial industry in New Zealand.

Having been closely involved in its development into a mature and safe sport with a well-conceived code of practice, this bungee jumping site is equipped with all those required to safely develop and operate bungee jumping including expertise in tower structures, bungee cord fabrication, safety management and staff training.

Conquer your fear by jumping 165 feet (50 metres) above a jungle lagoon. A purpose-built electronic lift rated for 750 kg. will take you to your jump height with comfort and safety.

Mountain Biking

The mountainous terrain of this province is really suitable for mountain biking. Many tour companies offer biking tour programmes that include guides, food and overnight equipment.


Chiang Mai boasts a large number of golf courses, most of which surrounded by scenic green hills, valleys and forests.

Tennis, Swimming, and Others

There are also a good number of tennis courts, squash courts, swimming pools, casinos and sports clubs in Chaing Mai to meet the requirements of sports enthusiasts.