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Chiang Mai is...the land of beauty, warm hospitality and good manners ...the land of fascinating, mist-shrouded mountains and fertile valleys ...the land of religion with over 1,100 Buddhist temples...and the land of Thai arts and handicrafts. An old city of over 700 years, Chiang Mai has rooted its culture so deeply that it has its own dialect, its own architecture, its own costume, its own dances and its own cuisine. Though modernization has crept into this faraway region for decades, Chiang Mai still retains its natural charm and old culture. If you have a chance to visit this tourist paradise, you will understand why people call it "The Rose of the North".

There are three sections of Chiang Mai Attractions as follows:

1. Tour Routes

The numerous places of interest in Chiang Mai can be conveniently grouped into the following routes, each easily accessible by car and mostly covered within one day.

2. Trekking in Chiang Mai & Northern Thailand

3. Activities / Sports

If you want to find some specific places, see the lists below: (All are in Tour Routes Section. The names of some attractions may appear in more than one section but with the same data.)

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