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Au Luek County (43 km. from Krabi)

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Than Bokkhorani National Park

It is situated in Au Luek county, some 45 km. north of Krabi town. The park covers an area of 121 sq.km. consisting of mangrove forests, limestone mountains and caves and islands. Major attractions in the area are :


Than Bokkhorani

Than Bokkhorani is a group of pools in a shady forested area. Emerald green water flows down from a tall cliff to a large pool which overflows steadily into smaller pools in several stages. Local people love to come here on weekends for bathing, swimming and picnicking.


Tham Lot Nua & Tham Lot Tai

These two caves feature a lot of impressive stalactites and stalagmites. Tham Lot Nua is larger and has longer meandering passages, which are navigable only during low tide. The caves can be reached by boat from Bo Tho pier in 20 minutes.


Tham Phi Hua To

Tham Phi Hua To (Big-headed Ghost Cave) is part of a limestone hill which is surrounded by mangrove swamps. It is accessible by the same route as Tham Lot Tai. Besides stalactites formations, there are many prehistoric paintings on the wall portraying people and animals. Its name "bigheaded ghost" derived from the unusually large skulls discovered here.


Tham Phet (Diamond Cave)

The stalactite formations of this cave will sparkle like diamond when the cave is lit by a lamp or spotlight.


Mu Ko Hong

Mu Ko Hong is a group of limestone islands with fine beaches and a lot of coral reefs on both deep and shallow water levels. It takes about one hour to go by boat from Au Nang to the islands. Canoe trips to Ko Hong are organized by some tour agents at Au Nang. There are many other limestone islands and caves in the park which are good for visiting. Detailed information about these places can be obtained from the park office at Than Bokkhorani in Au Luek county (Highway No. 4031).