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Wat Suwan Khuha 

This temple is situated in Krasom subcounty, about 7 km. from Phang-nga town. Take the Phang-nga -- Khok Kloy Road (Route 4) until arrive at Km. 31, then turn to the right. The temple is about 1 km. down the road. Called Wat Tham (Cave Temple) by the local people, this is an important temple for its being an archaeological site of the province. In the vicinity of the temple, there is a limestone mountain riddled with caves large and small. The most important one is Tham Yai or Big Cave which is located at the lowest level and serves as the entrance to other caves. It is about 20 metres wide and 40 metres long. The cave walls are decorated with earthenwares of various colours, sizes and designs. Inside the cave are stucco Buddha images and a splendid 15-metre-long reclining Buddha.

Raman Waterfall

Located 6 km. away from Wat Suwan Khuha, this is a medium-sized year-round waterfall surrounded by thick forest.

Thanun Beach

This beach is located at Pak Phra channel separating Phang-nga from Phuket Island. Sea turtles come to lay eggs on this quiet beach yearly from November to February.

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