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Nearby Islands

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Nearby Islands


Ko Lan (Coral Island)

Located about 7.5 km. west of Pattaya and 45 minutes by tourist boats, it is the largest of the archipelago off Pattaya. There are beautiful sandy beaches, clear water, and an abundance of coral, especially on the western part of the island.

Visitors can view the coral either from a glass-bottom boat or by diving. It is also an ideal place for water sports -- snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing and parasailing. You can find a hotel on Nuan Beach in the southern part and a lot of seafood restaurants and souvenir shops on the main beaches.

The ferry to Ko Lan leaves the pier in South Pattaya several times daily, taking about 45 minutes. Speed boats are also available for hire.

Thai name : เกาะล้าน

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Ko Sak

Ko Sak, about 600 meters away from Ko Lan, is a small island good for swimming and snorkelling. There is a coral reef around the southern coast.

Thai name : เกาะสาก


Ko Khrok

Ko Khrok is another neighbouring island of Ko Lan. Comprising mostly rocks, it is an ideal place for coral viewing. 

Thai name : เกาะครก


Ko Phai Group of Islands

Ko Phai Group of Islands About 13 km. from Pattaya, they are currently under the supervision of the Royal Thai Navy. Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight here, but can enjoy relaxing and swimming on their tranquil beaches during the daytime. All the islands are accessible by boat and charters can be arranged through your hotel tour desk or by negotiating directly with the boat owners at South Pattaya. Rentals are between 1,000 - 5,000 baht depending on the spot as well as the size and type of boat.

Thai name : เกาะไผ่

Nearby Attractions

Rayong is a province on the eastern seaboard just to the east of Pattaya. It is only 179 km away from Bangkok. Newly developed, it has clear sea water, fine beaches, colourful coral formations and several beautiful islands. The following islands are parts of Khao Laem Ya-Mu Ko Samet National Park of Rayong Province.


Ko Samet

The place is tranquil, the climate is mild and the scenery is beautiful. Along the seashore, there are many beaches, which make the island famous among Thais and foreign tourists. Tourist attractions on Samet Island are Hat Sai Kaew Beach, Ao Luk Yon, Ao Wong Duean, Ao Wai, Ao Kaew, Ao Pakarang, and Ao Phrao Bays.

Thai name : เกาะเสม็ด


Ko Thalu

The fine white sand beaches and unspoiled underwater world here make the serene island an interesting place and a good spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. Beautiful corals and many kinds of fish can be seen under the sea not far from the island. During June and July, sea turtles will come up on the beach to lay their eggs. Another famous attraction here is a natural arch that the sea water can flow through. However, there are no accommodations on this island. Only a snack stall and a few toilets are available.

Thai name : เกาะทะลุ


Ko Kudi

This island has peaceful scenery and beautiful beaches. Marine life here is stunning with coral reefs in perfect condition and an abundance of fish, giant clams, and sea anemones. Therefore, The Kudi Island is a wonderful place for diving and camping lovers.

Thai name : เกาะกุฎี

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