Tuesday, 16 July 2024

Art in Paradise Pattaya

Photos : www.artinparadise.co.th


Thai name อาร์ท อิน พาราไดรซ์ ถนนพัทยาสาย 2

Location : Pattaya 2nd Road

Art in Paradise, the first interactive art museum in Thailand, offers the newest form of interactive art presentation by allowing viewers to be more than just a viewer, but an art object themselves. They can actually be part of the artists’ works. The place displays over 100 3D paintings in 10 different themed zones. Every painting looks so real that you will have to move closer to see if they are actually painted on the flat surface and each piece allows visitors to creatively pose for their best shots. You don’t need to be a true connoisseur of the arts to fully appreciate the works as this is an enjoyable activity for both photographers and persons who have their photo taken. Even their friends or relatives who look at the photos later can smile.

Show times : Daily, 09.00-21.00 hours

For taxi : อาร์ท อิน พาราไดซ์ พัทยาสายสอง

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Art in Paradise Pattaya code S-76

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Duration : 09.00-21.00 hours, except public holidays

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