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The Sanctuary of Truth

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Thai name พิพิธภัณฑ์ปราสาทสัจธรรม พัทยา

Location : Soi Nakluea 12, Bang Lamung

The Sanctuary of Truth, a gigantic carved wooden pavilion built to revitalize and carry forward ancient Thai wisdom, is prominently situated on Ratchawet Point, Chon Buri Province (81 km east of Bangkok). This enormous sacred architecture is carved in Ayutthaya style over 100 m. in height and 100 m. in width aiming to represent Phra Sumeru Mount, which is believed to be the centre of the earth and universe in ancient Thai myth. Human virtues as well as the relationship between human beings and the universe are illustrated by exquisite carving embellishments in and around the pavilion.

Information : Tel. 0 3836 7229 to 30

Open : Daily 08.30-17.00 hrs.

For taxi : ปราสาท สัจธรรม ซ.นาเกลือ 12 ชลบุรี

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The Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya code S-79

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Duration : 08.30-17.00 hrs.

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